Stories AboutThe
Adventures of Bruh
Rabbit and Friends
Puttin on Ole Massta
Told by Lambert van Buuren
Storytelling is a valuable
learning tool for societal
and personal development.
I believe the information
produce in these writings
are an important form of
communication and proves
to be useful in educating
its participants; that is
the speaker and the
listener. Oral
Artistry/Literature is also
used to develop the
physical, up lift the
spiritual and fuel the
emotional of each
generation from the elders
to the youth.
As a Master Storyteller, I recant the “How Come” and “Why” stories of Bruh
Gator, Bruh Rabbit, Sis Cat, Bruh Dog, Bruh Turtle and Anansi the Spider and
all the rest. I have enraptured audiences of all ages with these tales from
African American and African folklore. While earning my Masters of Education
at Lesley University in Cambridge Massachusetts in Oral Artistry as a
historical source, I read every book on African American folklore I could get
my hands on. My bookshelf of 6’5” tall and 5’6” wide is full of African folklore
and cultural aspects, African American folklore and children’s story books.
Novelist, folklorist, and anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston (1891-1960)
inspired me to tell stories. Her writings about High John De Conquer, Uncle
Monday, Bruh Gator, Bruh Rabbit and the all the rest enthralled me as a
Storyteller and an Artist.
I was so transfixed with Zora’s work, I began writing stories I heard as a child
by my mother’s mother Phedora Works. She was a great storyteller.
Moreover, it is why I wrote these stories about the main trickster character
Bruh Rabbit. The first story in this book “The Adventures of Bruh Rabbit”
begins with his fight with Grandmother Moon. How he came to live on earth
and fell in love with Miss Lucy Coon, who fell in love with Bruh Dog. So he
plays one of his fool tricks on Bruh Dog that ruins his singing voice. This story
caused me to introduce a new character Cousin Dust, whom Bruh Rabbit will
pay him back for laughing at him when he fell and his chin hit the dust. Well
the chase was on and Bruh Rabbit spent most of his time running from Bruh
Dog, when he ran right over top of Bruh Gator. You have to know Bruh Rabbit
played this trick on Bruh Gator just because Bruh Gator ain’t had trouble
before. Bruh Rabbit takes it upon himself to make the introductions. As usual
Bruh Rabbit was always in some kind of trouble. Now he couldn't’t go near the
water because he wasn’t ready to be a meal at Bruh Gator’s table. His antics
made Bruh Gator so mad he started learning some man things to get back at
that rabbit. It didn’t matter that Bruh Rabbit didn’t go down by the water his
slow cousin the Swamp Rabbit lived by the river and his attempt to outsmart
the gators which caused all rabbits to lose their big-o-bushy tales. After that,
Bruh Rabbit being the sort that he was just had to pay poor Cousin Dust back
for laughing at him. Lastly Sis Hen is the only one besides Bruh Rabbit who
has outfoxed the Fox Clan through her sheer determination with the help of
Cousin Dust. I wrote this story about Sis Hen to honor woman such as Harriet
Tubman, Sojourner Truth and countless women who suffered under the guise
of slavery. Moreover, is how these women gained their freedom and humanity.