Master Storyteller Lambert van Buuren and Family
Ma Pearl on time

One of the problems with telling tall tales and stories is, it's not always easy to get the story
fixed in the time it's supposed to be in. That’s because there’s so many different kinds of time.

daytime and nighttime, bedtime and time to eat.

There’s sometime, any-o-time and no time at all.

There’s timing is everything meaning look or think before you leap.

Not to mention
take the time to do it right and some of us need a time out.

high time, fly time, good times, bad times and the wrong time, not to mention a long
time, a long kinda time
and time to go.

There’s so many different kinds of time it’s enough to give a body a headache. One time I
even tried to count up all the different kinds of time but my brain calculator can’t count that high.

There are
new times and old times, cold times and it’s about time.

There’s a time for everything and no time for foolishness, so stop wasting time.

Not mention time waits for no one and that’s because time keeps on ticking and slipping in to
the future.

Some people think they have all the time in the world and that’s why they are always late.
Some people are so busy they
just don’t have time to start or stop.

And then there’s “Once upon a time.” Well, I guess you figured it out. “Once upon a time” are
stories about people, animals, places and times that have come and gone.

But the time I like the most is story time... it’s my favorite time of all.

But I bet you didn’t know that way back in the beginning, before there was time…

A long time ago,  way back in the beginning...