Cultural Vision Workshops, Project and Story Telling
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The Cultural Vision Project offers an overview of the linguistic expression found in folklore, i.e. Storytelling.
The learning expression culminates into a performance and/or art project. The project is designed to be an
active form of learning new ideas that develop self-esteem, self-discipline, and self-motivation. The
development of these skills will include valuable learning tools such as decision-making, problem solving, and
expanded communication. Through dance, art and oral expression, students will feel encouraged to develop
organizational skills that foster the student's responsibility.

Participation includes learning the tangible elements of community collaboration,  working together to
accomplish project goals. The core of this project teaches students mask making, basic dance, art, and how to
develop music for the performance. This project is designed for the non-dance/drama participants.

The foundation of Cultural Vision Project consists of fundamental principles of oral expression that
encourages the student to speak clearly,  which will develop their speaking fashion rhythmically and
expressively. This form of learning allows oral composition to satisfy the students need for self-expression,
social interaction and social integration. Through this form of Storytelling, students can learn to discuss their
own point of view.

Lambert van Buuren Artistic Director,  developed and designed the Cultural Vision Project. Lambert is a
choreographer/dancer/performing artist and Storyteller.